Posted on: April 26, 2008 12:18 am

NFL Draft Preview

This is my NFL Draft Preview, it is last second, but here we go and we'll see if I'm right.

1. Miami Dolphins- Jake Long-OT: Everybody knows that one right?

2. St. Louis Rams- Chris Long-DE : I expect them to take long, but they might trade with Atlanta to give Atlanta the two pick and get something better in return, just a thought.

3. Atlanta Falcons- Glenn Dorsey-DT: Unless they manage to get a deal with St. Louis for that two pick, they'll be stuck with Dorsey, still not a bad pick.

4. Oakland Raiders- Darren McFadden-RB: I think they would be better off with Ghoulston, but Al Davis wouldn't pass up this kind of talent.

5. Kansas City Chiefs- Jeff Otah-OT: people think they'll take Ryan Clady, but they also say that Clady isn't strong enough to make it in the pros. I think the right decision for the Chiefs if they don't trade would be to stick with Otah and hope he tries hard.

6. New York Jets- None- : Trade spot to Baltimore, get Baltimore's eigth pick, a seventh rounder, and a little cash. Not bad. Baltimore picks up Matt Ryan, they need a QB, and this is there guy.

7. New England Patriots- Vernon Gholston- DE: Is there any reason not to? They're linebacker are too old, so they take the best one in the draft. Can it get any better for them?

8. Baltimore Ravens-None- : Traded to Jets with a seventh round pick and a little cash for the sixth spot. Jets pick up Keith Richards, no real reason, just a solid player that they could use.

9. Cincinnati Bengals- Sedrick Ellis-DT: need a good player inside, this is their guy. He is a great player that will give results. Don't think he'll be great though.

10. New Orleans Saints- Ryan Clady-OT: will try to move up and fail, but it's a surprise that Clady stayed in the draft this long, so they'll be happy with him.

11. Buffalo Bills- Devin Thomas-WR

12. Denver Broncos- Gosder Cherilius-OT

13. Carolina Panthers- Derrick Harvey-DE

14. Chicago Bears-Brandon Albert-OL

15. Detroit Lions- Jonathon Stewart-RB

16. Arizona Cardinals- Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie-CB

17. Kansas City Chiefs- Philip Merling- DE

18. Houston Texans- Chris Williams- OT

19. Philadelphia Eagles-Gosder Cherilus- OT

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Mike Jenkins- CB

21. Washington Redskins- Jerod Mayo-LB

22. Dallas Cowboys- Roshard Mendenhall-RB

23. Pittsburgh Steelers-Kentwan Balmer-DT

24. Tennessee Titans-Limas Sweed-WR

25. Seattle Seahawks-Felix Jones-RB

26. Jacksonville Jaguars-Tyrell Jackson-S

27. San Diego Chargers-Aqib Talib-CB

28. Dallas Cowboys- Brandon Flowers-CB

29. San Francisco 49ers-Desean Jackson-WR

30. Green Bay Packers-Brian Brohm-QB

31. New England Patriots- something said that they gave up this pick, not sure how this works, but if they have it they will take Dan Connor

32. New York Giants- Dustin Keller

That's it, so wondering what you think. I figure there will be more than one trade, but none of the other ones were likely enough to predict them. Also, this is my first blog, so I'm not sure how this works. How do I put it pictures? And any other tips you might have. Thanks.

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